Wednesday, 4 July 2012

It's Backkk...Time to Double Your Orange Key Bonus!

ING Direct Canada has a promotion going on this summer, and is giving away $50 instead of $25 for orange key (35561445S1) referrals. Now is better than ever to sign up for an account with ING to get your free $50! Hurry, this promotion ends August 31st (after August it will be back to $25 for referrals).

Source: The Summer of Sharing 

Steps to get your $50:

1. Go to ING Direct Canada and click on the Sign Me Up tab
2. Choose the account you want to open (savings account, chequing account, RSP, TFSA,etc.)
3. Complete the form.
4. Input 35561445S1 for the orange key field
5. Mail a cheque from your current bank account to yourself in the amount of $100 
6. Ensure you write down your client # on the memo line of your cheque
7. Mail the cheque to ING.

Once ING receives your cheque, they will automatically link your new ING account to your current bank account, and deposit the $100 funds as well as the $50 bonus! You'll then get your own orange key to start referring others to get more bonuses! The more you can refer, the more bonuses you will earn!

Enjoy the summer!