Sunday, 30 June 2013

Now get $100 + $25 + 2.5% Interest from ING Canada!

In addition to the $100 ING Direct Canada is giving away to new customers that open up a Thrive chequing account along with a direct payroll deposit, ING will also give you $25 on top of it if you have a referral orange key...and that's not all! Both you and your referral will be eligible to earn 2.5% interest for 90 days in your Investment Savings Account (ISA).

It would be most appreciated if you use my referral orangey key: 35561445S1

Remember, open up your Thrive chequing account, and ensure your HR department directs your payroll deposit to your Thrive chequing account by September 30,2013.

Also, ensure your to include an ING orange key referral (35561445S1) in your application to get $25 bonus as well as to qualify for 2.5% interest on your savings account.

Once you open up an account with ING Direct Canada, you will get your own orange key, and you can starting referring up to 50 others to get more bonuses!