Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Get $250 from Tangerine Bank Canada!

Tangerine Canada's double bonus promo of $50 is back! You have until August 31, 2015 to take advantage of it and make any account (Chequing, Savings, TFSA, RSP) with Tangerine by depositing $100 with them. After August 31st, referral bonus will revert back to $25.

Plus, on top of doubling the bonus, they now have a special offer where if you refer three people, they will give you an extra $100 bonus. That works out to $250 ($50 for each referral, then $100 bonus on top for referring three people), by just simply opening account with Tangerine with $100 deposit using an orange key referral, then referring three people once you have your own orange key!

This is an easy $250 to get! It would be most appreciated if you use my orange key 35561445S1 when opening your account with Tangerine Canada. Just make sure to fill this code  next to 'Orange Key' on the form.  Then once you get your own orange key, you can refer others to get more bonuses!

Happy Savings!