Wednesday, 30 November 2011

31 Days Left to Earn $50 Orange Key Bonus!

Dear Potential ING Client,

ING Direct Canada offers its customers bonuses via it's orange key referral. You receive a $25 bonus for each person that uses your orange key. For a limited time (until Dec. 31st), ING is offering double that bonus, $50 for each referral!

Kindly use my orange key: 35561445S1 if you decide to create an account with ING for the first time.

You will then get your own orange key to refer others to build up your bonuses!

Take advantage of their holiday offer now, and make an account to get $50 free, simply for making any account with them and depositing just $100! Remember to input an active orange key, such as 35561445S1, when applying to earn your first bonus.

Happy savings!